About Us

Mission and Vision

At CitrusStage, our mission is to empower performing artists around the world by providing a platform for them to showcase their talent and connect with a global audience. We believe in the transformative power of the performing arts and strive to cultivate an inclusive and diverse community of artists, collaborators, and audiences.

Our vision is to become a leading online hub for performing arts, where creative individuals can find inspiration, resources, and networking opportunities. Through our website, we aim to promote creativity, collaboration, and innovation in the performing arts industry.

History and Founder

CitrusStage was founded in 2015 by Chelsea Ramirez, an accomplished performing artist with a passion for enhancing the accessibility and visibility of the performing arts. With years of experience in the industry and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by artists, Chelsea envisioned a platform that would connect aspiring artists with established professionals, audiences, and industry experts.

Driven by her vision, Chelsea assembled a talented team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members to turn CitrusStage into a reality. Together, they have cultivated a community where artists can thrive, grow, and amplify their voices, celebrating the rich diversity of performing arts.

Website Objective and Target Audience

The creation of the CitrusStage website was a natural evolution of our mission to empower performing artists. Our objective is to offer a comprehensive platform that allows artists to showcase their talent, discover opportunities, and network with fellow creatives, all in one central online hub.

Our target audience includes performing artists from various disciplines, including theater, music, dance, spoken word, and more. We also cater to industry professionals, recruiters, and performing arts enthusiasts who are passionate about discovering new talent and staying connected with the latest developments in the performing arts world.

Unique Value

CitrusStage brings a unique value proposition to both artists and performing arts enthusiasts. Our platform not only enables artists to showcase their work but also provides educational resources, networking opportunities, and the latest industry updates to help artists succeed in their creative endeavors. We leverage technology to connect artists with potential collaborators, mentors, and art lovers worldwide.

What sets us apart is our carefully curated content, showcasing a diverse range of artists and performances. We prioritize inclusivity and foster an environment of creativity, respect, and collaboration. Our team of experienced editors ensures that the content presented on our website meets the highest standards, providing a rich and immersive experience for our users.

Behind the scenes, our team consists of professionals who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge. From seasoned artists to industry experts, our dedicated team works hand in hand to curate engaging content, create opportunities, and empower the performing arts community.

By joining the CitrusStage community, artists gain access to a global platform where their voices can be heard, their work can be appreciated, and their careers can flourish. We invite you to explore, connect, and be inspired!

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