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22-24 May written by Sam Morris

Performance 8:30pm Thu-Sat, and Sat also at 15:00 @ Melkweg

Tickets: €15 and €12.50(Students/Stadspas/CJP) Book Here.

Director: Sam Morris

Cast: Daniel Kemna and Jip Loots

“Tonight Mr Milgram, I am your Teacher.”

Volts is a psychological thriller that delves into the mind of Stanley Milgram, celebrated psychologist and the man behind the infamous ‘obedience experiments’ of the 1960’s. When Milgram is visited by an old experimental subject, everything seems innocent at first, but soon we are drawn into a twisting tale of guilt, memory, and torture. Real and unreal, remembered and imagined begin to merge as Milgram is subjected to his own experiment, revealing things buried long, long ago.

Intimate, uncomfortable and immediate, Volts taps into the 1960’s zeitgeist for electrical treatments and therapies, and also the people - by turns callous and visionary - who conducted them. Experimental ethics, ends and means, and above all deeply personal stories combine to make this play a vividly memorable challenge to anyone believes humanity has moved on.

In a time of the Abu Ghraib tortures, remote drone strikes and state-sanctioned information gathering, power and its abuses are all around us. The incredible results of the 1960’s experiments led to huge changes in our perception of authority, but the issue still pervades modern discourse and issues. Volts addresses a theme as chilling and relevant as it ever was.