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Planet Everything

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Planet Everything by Esther Gerritsen

Translated by Jip Loots

Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2017


Wed 13 September @ 18:30

Thur 14 September @ 21:30

Fri 15 September @ 17:30

Sun 17 September @ 19:00

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Directed by Patrick Abbott

Cast: Jip Loots, Claire Schuyffel, Loveday Smith, Sandy Topzand


They came from EVERYTHING .

All they needed was a spare part.

All they wanted was one thing from this planet of multiple things.

Now they’re stuck on Earth …

stuck in human form …

and stuck with eachother.

Just another day at the office?


Orange Tea Theater  presents Esther Gerritsen’s absurd comedy of logic, language and purpose. Fast, witty and text-driven, Jip Loots’ English translation stays true to the quirks and “dutchness” of the original.


 1BN1285Photos by Bas Niemans



WEST: November 10-12 @ Beeldend Gesproken Galerie (de Hallen)

EAST: November 17-19 @ Charley's, Nieuwe Kerkstraat 26

Orange Tea Theatre takes this Tony Award winning play about an artistic master off the traditional stage and into intimate gallery settings, one on the west side of town and one on the east.

Mark Rothko hires a young assistant, Ken, to help with a large commission for the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City.  Ken is keen to learn from one of the greats, but finds quickly that Rothko prefers to philosophize rather than paint.  

As Ken tries to present Rothko with an understanding of the new generation of art, Rothko relents. Is he willing to change with the times?

Directed by Lora Mander

Performed by Matthew Preston and William Sutton

Produced by Shea Elmore

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Red is a co-production of Orange Tea Theatre and 


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One Night Only 2017 Season

One Night Only 2017 Season

One Night Only 2017 Season

Join us on the 4th Thursday of the month for a theatrical performance, 8pm at TOON!  Some performances are hot off the press, some improvised, some translated and some are read.

Tickets are €15 per performance and can be booked through TOON Amsterdam.